Today's Inspiration: Works-Progress

Virginia Beach, VA

Check out the branding work by Works-Progress for jewelry design studio Merzatta.
The logo is a pair of squirrels facing each other—speaking to the couple themselves
as well as the influence nature has on their designs. The negative space between
them forms the shape of an acorn, a nod to the little discoveries that only come to
light when they come together.

Andrea is great to work with. She is responsible for the success
 of projects for some of our most important advertising clients.”

—Estée Pouleris, Sr. Project Manager, Kelliher Samets Volk, NYC

Past Features

Andrea Grieco Design
is a graphic design
studio dedicated to
creating successful
printed marketing
materials for businesses.

Because the design process is based on
a foundation of branding strategies, you’ll
go from “We just got a new business card”
to “We just got new business.”